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It’s our unique blend of polarised research, industry savvy, brand strategy, marketing consultancy, creative thinking, digital know how, algorithm action, art direction, film production, content creation and fearlessly results-orientated campaign delivery.

Quite a mouthful for an elevator pitch, so just castology kind of works.


Consultancy Can

Maybe you’re a new-to-market brand or a seasoned player in your field that needs a re-set? With decades of marketing experience to call on, the cast consultancy team can interrogate your market and your competitors.

After a thorough examination we’ll make the appropriate recommendations and advise on the best course of action to make your marketing compliant, streamlined and fit to compete with the rigours of today’s challenges.


Strategy Can

We take time to understand your goals to create a sustainable competitor advantage. It’s all about the right game plan. Where others may dive straight in, we listen, research, test, challenge and mould the right approach for our client’s brief. Because it’s not just about the quick wins, it’s about the long term.

Our robust methodologies will help to equip you to compete in a constantly evolving landscape, from brand architecture through to tactical delivery.
We’re objective makers, not indulgent creators. We think quicker, plan better and deliver more efficiently to maximise our client returns.


Creative Can

Let our award-winning creative team take your brand to the next level. It really pays to stand out from your competitors and from all the clutter. Our creative is designed to hit all the right notes with your target audience, delivered through a tone of voice that’s designed to reflect the values of your brand across the right channels.

But we’re not indulgent. We understand that creative is a discipline designed to attract and engage your audience and to deliver results. This comes through controlled planning, strategic thinking, brand consistency and wonderful execution.


Campaigns Can

Our client campaigns are what set us apart. It’s what makes the difference, what makes you stand out and what drives results. Understanding your brand is one thing, but it has to perform in competitive markets. Our truly targeted campaigns create awareness, engagement and brand cut-through, turning creative and insightful propositions into cost- effective results.

We operate a multi-channel approach, from online and digital marketing through to out-of-home media and tactical sales generation through targeted promotions and events. All underpinned by a clever, consistent campaign that resonates and works.


Digital can

Let’s face it, digital is everything and anything, anywhere and everywhere. It underpins everything we do for brands and campaigns to get found, become noticed and achieve cost-effective measurable results.

Through sound strategic planning and creativity across Web, SEO, PPC, Paid Social, PR and content, we’ll elevate your brand profile and your performance. We’re confident that any digital campaign with Castology thinking behind it will succeed again and again!



Film Can

Everyone used to be a photographer. Now everyone’s a film maker. It’s true, anyone with a smart phone (everyone?) has the technology to deliver film content.

We’re not going to pretend that film making is a dark art. But today’s content can’t always be just ‘point and shoot’. Authenticity can’t always be captured on the fly.

It takes considered planning, control, and art direction, particularly when you’re telling your brand story, maybe through drone footage, time lapse and animation.

We do live in an age where content is king though. So, our in-house production team provides agile, in the moment cost-effective content for social, together with fully art directed, casted and produced documentary quality film.

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